First:  Families Register

After you registered your team, we sent you an email containing a special link, just for your team, that you will share with your team families.  Each family who will receive a TeamTab needs to click on that link and register for their TeamTab. 

That email has some very helpful information to assist you in communicating with your families.  If you didn't receive it, please contact us at

Second: Hand Out Your TeamTabs

Also in that email was a link to the TeamTab Assignment form.  You will use this form to record the number of the TeamTab that you assign to each player's family.  As families complete their registration, we will add their names to this sheet.  This is how you will know they are ready to receive a TeamTab.  

When you're ready to hand out a TeamTab to a family, simply record the number of their TeamTab beside the name of that family in the TeamTab Assignment form. You'll find the TeamTab number written on the back of the tablet.

Changes you make to this form save automatically.  You can access this from your phone or computer.  If there is anyone else in your organization who needs access to this document, please let us know and we can provide them access.  Simply email

For more information on managing the TeamTab Assignment Sheet:

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